Congratulations on your new leadership role!

Great! You’ve just been promoted.

You are now a leader to those that used to be your peers, and you also have a new group of stakeholders that are scrutinizing your performance. And, you’ll soon find that some are more supportive and others wouldn’t mind seeing you fail.

So, how do you successfully navigate these new dynamics and effectively communicate with all involved?

Empathy is the key, when you want to foster good relationships.

And, I know, everyone’s talking about it, but hear me out…

Defined in dictionaries as “the capacity to understand and share the feelings of another”, it is practiced when you display the ability to put yourself in the shoes of another person.

The good news is that – provided you have the capacity – you can acquire the ability to be empathetic by raising your awareness, honing your listening and speaking skills and then effectively combining these in your dialogues.

Again, no surprise here, right? All sounds straightforward.

But here’s the rub: How do you actually implement effectively?

How do you

  • acquire the skills you need to be empathetic?
  • establish the habits to hone your skills?
  • use it to support your goals?
  • tweak what needs changing?
  • persist in your quest to improve, and
  • achieve measurable results?

That’s where working with an independent thinker can make all the difference!

And that’s what teaming up with a trained and skilled coach is about! Together – and in a confidential setting – you’ll work out your priorities and the strategies that support them, decide on best tactics, even role-play challenging conversations.

As a result of the feedback and support you get, you confidently implement and consistently move toward success!

How would that increase your excitement about your promotion and all the possibilities of your new role?