Meet Sylke

Hi and thanks for stopping by to learn more about my background and training.

I’ve been an independent business owner since 1995 and have worked with domestic and international clients in various industries: Medicine, Government Relations, Law, Alternative Energy, Construction, Engineering, and Agriculture to name a few. In my role as a consultant, I’ve assisted my clients with traditional and digital marketing, business development, project management, educational outreach, cross-cultural communications, grant applications, opposition research, and (some) administrative services.

As a business owner and the consultancy experience in working with leaders, I am acutely aware of the challenges faced by businesses, their leaders and key team members – and this informs my coaching approach.

Since I became certified as a coach in 2012, I’ve been working with business owners and managers in technical, mechanical, financial and administrative roles. Our work is focused on the areas of strategic thinking, effective communications for increased internal and external stakeholder engagement, and change management.

What makes me unique is that I have the ability to quickly hone in on what needs to be addressed to bring about the desired change. My direct communication style and willingness to question the status quo often lead to the results my clients seek more quickly. Having said that, I also bring a fair amount of humor to the table, and many consider me “easy to talk to”.

What you can expect when working with me

I like to kiddingly tell that, in a past engagement, “I had been accused of being an engineer.”  I’m not. But I do have an analytical mind and the ability to quickly hone in on the root cause of a problem or inefficiency.

Clients consider me an effective communicator that poses probing questions, gives straightforward feedback and, when asked to do so, practical suggestions. Additionally, many have experienced a change in perspective and benefitted from the accountability that working with me provides.

But don’t take my word for it. Read some of the testimonials previous clients have provided. And then contact me to explore whether your situation is suitable for my skill set.

Generally, you can expect to move forward faster, as I act as an independent strategic thinker for you and/or your team. The solutions that are the result of our work together are co-created; which means that you have already identified the advantages you gain as you implement the changes that work best for you!

Trainings & Certifications

The following certificate programs are in addition to the many ICF*-approved online seminars and trainings – too many to list here – that I attend on an ongoing basis and that inform my approach to coaching.

*The ICF (International Coaching Federation) has become the pre-eminent organization that sets the standards for the coaching industry. The trainings and certifications I seek out meet or exceed the requirements of the ICF.


Center for Executive Coaching
July 2021

A Harvard MBA-informed curriculum of proven, practical systems and methodologies that produce measurable results for leaders and their organizations.

Coach Training Alliance
November 2012

An intensive program that teaches coaching competence, as well as marketing and business skills to aspiring coaches.