Why Work with a Business Coach?

Who hasn’t ever made plans to reach certain goals?

We all have.

We start out energized, determined and focused. But before long fall back into our well established routines. And not much has changed. 

We continue to ride that revenue rollercoaster, where we perform work for clients, but then fail to fill our pipeline with new leads. Then we’re done with the project, and don’t know where our next client will come from.

Small business owners are especially prone to working in their business rather than on their business, because they wear so many hats. They are often in business by themselves, and lack an independent thinking partner who provides feedback or support when there are challenges and holds them accountable to making progress toward their goals. A business coach addresses all of these.

The Coach Approach

A coach helps you implement what you you have identified as needing change.


Identifying goals and objectives that matter and the changes they will effect for your business provides a beacon for the work you do with a coach.


The exercise of establishing an actionable plan with milestones to work toward, reach and celebrate – provides a timeline for our engagement.


When you have an accountability partner, you are more likely to follow-through. This element is crucial and can be the difference between yet-another failed attempt and finally getting things done!


Imagine what it can do for you and your business when you hit those targets, reach your goals, have the thriving business you want!