Frequently Asked Questions

About Coaching for Business Growth

What is the Role of a Business Coach?

A business coach explores with you solutions for key areas that drive your business success: Your value proposition, customer segments, customer relationships, marketing channels, key activities, key resources, key partnerships, revenue streams, and cost structure. Each area provides potential opportunities for improvement and change.

How is a Coach Different from a Consultant?

Unlike a consultant, a coach supports you as you implement the strategies that support your goals. The coach does this by acting as your independent thinking partner, as she strategizes with you, provides feedback, support, and a level of accountability you wouldn’t otherwise have.

What Does the Coaching Process Entail?

A coaching engagement involves an intial assessment of the status, establishment of relevant goals to pursue, the co-design of the strategies in support of the desired outcome, implementation coaching support, and results tracking all along. Each strategy session follows a similar process, ensuring that focus is kept where it matters, and progress is made continually.

What Determines if the Situation is Right for Coaching?

Whether a situation is right for coaching depends on the nature of what is at the root of the issue. While the specifics can be explored in an exploratory call, you’ll generally find yourself agreeing that
– the problem is big enough and you want to eliminate it;
– the status quo is taking its toll and you expect undesirable consequences, even failure;
– you want solutions that will work for your business;
– you are open to feedback and ready to implement changes;
– you don’t want to do this alone and, instead, work with an independent advisor to manage the necessary changes;
– you don’t want to wait any longer and get started NOW;
– you are willing and able to invest in solutions.

How is Coaching Delivered?

With few exception, where the client may request onsite visits, coaching sessions are conducted online, via video or voice conferencing. Between sessions emails and text messaging contribute to the communications.

How Long is a Coaching Engagement?

The duration of a coaching engagement depends on what issues need to be resolved and which goals attained. Generally, engagements have ranged from 3 months to several years, with this latter scenario ideal for professionals who want to continue the exchange with their advisor.