Coaching Packages

Which setting is best for coaching depends on your preferences in terms of your needs and comfort. To minimize mobilization, all coaching is delivered digitally by a combination of phone, zoom, video, and email.

Here are some options to explore:

Individual Coaching

Best suited for the busy leader who wants individualized attention, solutions and approaches that result in the changes necessary to go further and faster. Sessions are centered on achieving the desired outcomes determined in the initial phase of the engagement.


Group Coaching

Best for leaders that thrive in a setting that provides topical expertise and group-generated solutions. Participants benefit from peer feedback, hot-seat coaching, and accountability, as they continue to grow their business and implement effective leadership skills.


Mastermind Group

Best suited for the leader who wants to strategize with their peers to develop solutions and benefit from the accountability this cohort group requires of them.



Best suited for the leader who knows s/he can design a strategic plan by working with a coach in one day that is intensely focused on their business success.


Additional Options for Individuals:

Laser Coaching

Best suited for the motivated leader who benefits from brief, focused coaching sessions that support forward momentum to reach their specific goals. It starts with a kick-off planning meeting, followed by brief sessions that are focused on one  topic and designed to support momentum toward the next milestone.


Asynchronous Coaching

Best suited for the busy leader who is dealing with an irratic schedule and who is comfortable communicating via video. The dialog between client and coach occurs via email messages that contain links to brief recorded videos messages.