Succession Planning Facilitation

A business owner wants to retire, or work on their business instead of in their business…

A key employee wants to advance in their career but is not promoted out of their current position, because no one is there to replace them…

What if that employee leaves, and now your organization has no one to fill that important role?

These are some of the most common situations that would greatly benefit from succession planning and having bench strength.

A leader’s lasting value is measured by succession.

John C. Maxwell

Indeed, when a good succession plan is in place, the value of your organization is increased, as it demonstrates that thoughtful consideration has been given to how its stakeholders will be served should a disruption to the status quo arise.

Additionally, an organization with an effective succession plan also attracts and retains better talent, as expectations and opportunities for professional growth are clearly delineated.

We realize that running an organization or the operations of a business can be all-consuming on a daily basis, but what is the cost of disruption? Which part of your daily activities will now have to take a backseat, because you have to focus on filling the void? How will it affect your operations, your team, your employees, your stakeholders, and not-to-mention the clients whom you serve?

Wouldn’t it be better to have peace of mind and know you are prepared?


Our approach comes with support and accountability – and that makes all the difference!

Let’s talk about what that entails for your organization – business or non-profit – and options to make it happen. 

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